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GDC interiors is a UK based interior design practice catering to high-end residential projects.

We have always prided ourselves on our dedication to delivering high quality design services to our clients. Whatever the task, one factor always remains constant – the creative interpretation of space to achieve calm and luxurious interiors of quality and comfort that completely fulfil the client’s aspirations. We believe that by achieving our clients’ ambitions we will realise our own. We want our designed interiors to speak for themselves and improve the quality of life of those using them.

Established in 2000 – GDC interiors have worked world-wide with a wide range of private clients and developers, on projects that have ranged from residences in Chelsea and Knightsbridge, penthouses in Belgravia, historic listed country houses to Mediterranean beach properties.

Working on increasingly complex projects – our interior design practice has built up a wealth of experience and a highly talented team of interior designers, landscape designers, artists and craftsmen from around the world. This experience enables us to master all aspects of a project. From preliminary design sketches, material selection and specifications, custom furniture design to outfitting a room with art objects and accessories – total design is our goal.

Our home interiors are always unique as they are governed by an absolute respect for architecture and the individual needs of the client. We do not limit our designs to one repeatable style. Each project produced by GDC interiors is entirely unique and staggeringly different. We do not just design the space itself but also the experience of the people spending time there.

Whether you are planning a complete refurbishment or merely refreshing one or two rooms, we’ll ensure that you achieve an elegant, practical and liveable home of understated luxury, that is both reflective of your own personality and sympathetic to your lifestyle.

Design Process

our designs may vary from understated chic to maximalist eclecticism - but our design process is always governed by consistent principles
modern contemporary home interior design London penthouse by GDC interiors


We passionately believe that interior and product design should be sensitive to both building and occupant. All our designs seek a balance between an existing structure and the proposed intervention. Depending on the project we can undertake all aspects of a home interior design from space planning, furniture and decorative elements to outside spaces and gardens.


Since its inception our interior design practice has grown to manage increasingly complex interior design projects but has always remained rooted in its dedication to delivering high quality services to its clients. GDC interiors has built up a wealth of experience and a talented team of highly trained interior designers, architects, craftsmen, artists and landscape designers.

GDC interiors home design contemporary modern contemporary city home interior design by GDC interiors
gdc interiors in the press Vogue living


Our designs are always unique as they are governed by an absolute respect not only for architecture but also for the individual needs of the client. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to produce an absolutely unique home interior. Our belief is that interior design should reflect the personality of the occupant – rather than that of the designer.


Our approach is characterised by both an overall appreciation of the evolving nature of contemporary culture, as well as a deep knowledge of the history of interior design – on which we have both extensively lectured and published. Although interior design should not be about producing museum interiors, nor should it be rootless and ignorant.

GDC interiors English country House
GDC interiors is a UK based interior design practice catering to high-end residential projects

flexible &

As we live in an age of eclecticism with an emphasis on personal idiosyncratic self-expression, we are not limited to the recreation of one formulaic visual style. Instead we offer a wide variety of creative solutions that are influenced by the building, the occupant’s goals, interests and collections. Attention to detail is of paramount importance to us.

“true style that translates with ease”


-VOUGE living

“one of the capital’s most elegant modern homes”


-Evening Standard

“property of sophisticated perfection”


-Financial Times

GDC interiors Elegant Home Interiors of Luxury and Comfort

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Whatever the scope of your project our team of qualified designers would love to help you

GDC interiors Elegant Home Interiors of Luxury and Comfort
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