Is Architecture Art?

The first time I remember the “but is it art” conversation, was when a scandalised public were presented with Carl Andre’s Equivalent VIII in 1974. A heated public debate ensued on why the Tate had used public funds to buy a useless ‘pile of...
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Waterside Modern

The dining area with its dramatic sea view of Oporti House, Spain Waterside Modern is an escapist sourcebook of stunning contemporary waterside homes. From Kent to Cap d’Antibes, Cornwall to California, Australia, Brazil and Thailand, these homes show why the...
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The Lapsed Beauty of Kirby Hall

What a surprise Kirby Hall is! Kirby Hall is a beautiful and truly innovative Renaissance masterpiece with gardens that were once thought to be the best in England… and yet for the most part it is an unoccupied ruin! But like many ruins from before the mid 20th...
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