Dead Space and Ruins

A season on utopian public space and the quest for new national identities across the post-Soviet world The abandoned and decaying infrastructure of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc is the intriguing subject of a new exhibition that opens in London. Taking...
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Face to Face with Russia’s Greatest

Russia and the Arts: The Age of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky – A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to look at Russian cultural icons eye-to-eye The year before the centenary of the Russian Revolution in 1917 and with the backdrop of the lowest ebb in the British-Russian...
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Ai Weiwei The Medium of Politics

Long before we get to art criticism, we have to acknowledge that Ai Weiwei is without doubt the most prominent face of opposition to one of the most powerful governments of the world today. This towering personality and instantly recognisable icon, is known the world...
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Jonathan Richardson
by Himself

When the collection of drawings that had belonged to Jonathan Richardson the Younger was sold at auction in 1772, there was a revelation. Interspersed with Richardson’s Old Masters were well over a thousand drawings by his beloved father, the portrait painter Jonathan...
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